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Maintenance on a Rental Property – Owner or Tenant

MAINTENANCE IN RENTAL PROPERTY – LANDLORD OR TENANT? Jul 12, 2018 | Advice A good lease agreement will include the obligations contained in the Rental Housing Act, but will also contain additional responsibilities that are fair, reasonable and practical. The issue of maintenance in a rental property is arguably one of the most contentious and one that leads to many disagreements between landlords, tenants and agents, often resulting in court cases or the lodging of complaints at the Rental Housing Tribunal. This is usually because of unsound reasoning and a lack of understanding of the legal principles around the maintenance responsibilities in a rental property. There are certainly many grey areas, but we will try to clarify. By Harry Meyburgh The Rental Housing Act places an obligation on the landlord to provide the tenant with a dwelling that is in a ‘habitable’ condition. This means the property must be safe and suitable for living with specific reference to: adequate space; protection from the elements and other threats to health; physical safety of the tenant, the tenant’s household and visitors; and a structurally sound building. Furthermore, the landlord must ensure that the tenant enjoys undisturbed use of the property by maintaining…Read More

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The “Stuff” that will keep us poor.

The “Stuff” that will keep us poor. A while ago my family and I had the privilege of joining some friends for a short hike at Suikerbosrand and a picnic afterwards.What a magic place and only 50km from Alberton. After the picnic we walked over to the museum and the old original farmhouse dating from 1850 where I was amazed that you could raise 8 kids in a three bedroom house. A biggish lounge/dining room area with a kitchen that would make any modern family cry in despair. The bathroom none-existent – I suppose that was somewhere outside and horribly primitive compared to the luxuries of today. Looking at the kitchen utensils, paintings on the walls or lack there-off I was just once again reminded in what utter luxury we live today. This farmhouse without electricity, Fridges, Tv’s,  Ipad’s, cellphones, toasters, kettles, microwaves, hairdryers and the list can just go on and on. What I am trying to say is that we are “wasting” a lot of money on stuff. Stuff that we do not really need and here I am talking about that latest and greatest Cellphone that not only we as parents have but also bought for our kids, Dstv…Read More

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Saving – Dinosaur or Myth?

Saving – Dinosaur or Myth? As an Estate agent with Sovereign Property Group I sometimes have to smile about the calls I get on the properties I advertise for sale in Alberton. I had the privilege of getting a call on a property ad from a lady the other day. She quickly started going into the detail of the ideal property she is looking for. Her requirements were not difficult to meet as we have various properties for sale in Alberton that will suit but and this is the big BUT, her budget is about 30 % below what she would need to pay to find the ideal property. This is nothing strange as I think we all try and find a bargain when we are in the market to buy a house but where I started losing interest in the call and put down my pen was when she told me that they have been looking for a house for the last 18 months. 18 months! Wow! Eisch! I immediately thought about all the time and effort, petrol etc that she and all the unlucky agents she phoned put into her search for a home. I suppose she must…Read More

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Make more money in selling your home by renting a storage unit!

Make more money in selling your home by renting a storage unit! Being a 10 year veteran in the selling of property,mainly in Alberton, it still amazes me to see people that do themselves in when they sell their homes. How do they do that? By being hoarders. Most people just have too much stuff in their houses. Things that we maybe need but definitely should store before we start marketing our homes. Always remember that neatness sells and one of the subheadings of neatness is to de-clutter. I have seen houses with big rooms that look small due to all the stuff in there. Bicycles, music instruments, gym equipment, dog baskets, hordes of photos on the walls and collectables. The list can go on and on. My advice to most sellers would be to go and rent a big storage unit and fill it up with stuff from your house. And please take note the keywords are – fill it up. Your house will immediately look bigger and neater which will make your house more attractive to buyers and will result in a higher offer! But unfortunately for most if us it is just too much work and we…Read More

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