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The “Stuff” that will keep us poor.

The “Stuff” that will keep us poor.

A while ago my family and I had the privilege of joining some friends for a short hike at Suikerbosrand and a picnic afterwards.What a magic place and only 50km from Alberton.

After the picnic we walked over to the museum and the old original farmhouse dating from 1850 where I was amazed that you could raise 8 kids in a three bedroom house. A biggish lounge/dining room area with a kitchen that would make any modern family cry in despair. The bathroom none-existent – I suppose that was somewhere outside and horribly primitive compared to the luxuries of today.

Looking at the kitchen utensils, paintings on the walls or lack there-off I was just once again reminded in what utter luxury we live today. This farmhouse without electricity, Fridges, Tv’s,  Ipad’s, cellphones, toasters, kettles, microwaves, hairdryers and the list can just go on and on.

What I am trying to say is that we are “wasting” a lot of money on stuff. Stuff that we do not really need and here I am talking about that latest and greatest Cellphone that not only we as parents have but also bought for our kids, Dstv with PVR, Nintendo’s, Ipads, Ipods and and and.

Do yourselves a favour and add up what all those “Stuff’ cost you per month – For example the extra R160 p/month you need to pay on your “bling” Cellphone, the R150 per month insurance on said cellphone, the cost of Dstv, the PVR and then as well as the interest and charges on that credit card you used to buy a lot of those other “stuff”.

Am I suggesting that you go and live in the bushes like some primitive ape man – Not at all, but do add up what the costs of these unnessessary “Stuff” are, for example that latest and greatest cellphone example I mentioned earlier and I am sure that the average upper middle class family, if they just could not buy all the latest and greatest bling items out there plus stop eating out every week, would be able to have an additional
R 5,000 per month surplus in their pocket.

What could you do with R 5, 000 extra per month? Being an estate Agent in Alberton my mind always turn to houses and homeloans. With an additional payment of R 5,000 on a R1 million rand homeloan you would be able to pay that R1 million homeloan off in about 8 years instead of 20 years!

Do you realize how much money that is that you are saving? Look on our website and you will agree – “Stuff” keeps you poor!

The dilemma we have is – What are you going o do with all the extra money in your pocket after paying of your homeloan in 8 years?

Well I suppose you could go out and buy all the latest”bling” items or buy your kids a house and get them out of yours. We have various quality properties available for sale in Alberton. Have a look on our website or phone me on 0823783908

Have a “bling” day and enjoy your “stuff”.

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