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Saving – Dinosaur or Myth?

Saving – Dinosaur or Myth?

As an Estate agent with Sovereign Property Group I sometimes have to smile about the calls I get on the properties I advertise for sale in Alberton.

I had the privilege of getting a call on a property ad from a lady the other day. She quickly started going into the detail of the ideal property she is looking for. Her requirements were not difficult to meet as we have various properties for sale in Alberton that will suit but and this is the big BUT, her budget is about 30 % below what she would need to pay to find the ideal property.

This is nothing strange as I think we all try and find a bargain when we are in the market to buy a house but where I started losing interest in the call and put down my pen was when she told me that they have been looking for a house for the last 18 months. 18 months! Wow! Eisch!

I immediately thought about all the time and effort, petrol etc that she and all the unlucky agents she phoned put into her search for a home. I suppose she must be a real expert on properties and their value in the Alberton area after viewing properties for 18 months.

What totally amazed me was the fact that she also informed me that she will need to add the cost of transfer and bond registration onto the purchase price as she do not have that kind of money available and also not any deposit.

Wow – you have been shopping for a house for 18 months but you were not able to save one cent towards the purchase of a property while we all know that it is extremely difficult to get a homeloan nowadays without a deposit..

I think that is were the South African consumer or we as the public have lost the plot in the last decade or two – Debt is your enemy and you need to start saving towards the things you want! I do not say that you must buy everything cash but for Pete’s sake dont have all of the latest and the greatest today without having saved a bit. That is a road leading to disaster.

But in any case – if you are looking for a property or some advice on a property related matter in Alberton give me a call on 0110838829 or 082 378 3908.
We are even able to assist with your homeloanr browse our latest properties for sale in Alberton on our website www.sovereignpropertygroup.co.za

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